Our Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture: Our Goals

  • To enhance reproductive health and physiology through our specialist Chinese medicine diagnostic and acupuncture treatment methods;
  • To review your orthodox medical tests, investigations and any treatment to date and make recommendations where necessary;
  • To integrate timely advanced acupuncture alongside your orthodox medical reproductive treatment;
  • To provide supportive care so you feel less stressed and anxious about subfertility;
  • To help you conceive, provide early pregnancy support.

Integrated Care

When you seek our help you get the benefit of combining advanced acupuncture treatment and management with the orthodox medical treatment and management of reproduction. Our approach towards your treatment is holistic. The diagnostic methods we use to assess fertility and reproductive physiology are unique to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) model of health.

Your First Fertility Consultation

During your first visit to us, we need to gain a thorough understanding of your medical diagnosis and review the tests and investigations to date. This helps us to manage your acupuncture and orthodox medical treatment effectively to ensure your case management is as straightforward as possible.

Treatment Plan

Based on all the information gathered from the consultation process we incorporate a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and then put together your treatment plan. Each patient requires an individualised prescription of acupuncture points based on their acupuncture diagnosis and the current case history.


As well as pre-conceptual support and acupuncture treatment to help you conceive we provide continuous care during early pregnancy. On a positive clinical pregnancy test, we incorporate acupuncture up to 8–12 weeks of your pregnancy. We also offer pre-birth acupuncture to our clients at 35-36 weeks of pregnancy to help prepare you for labour.