First Consultation At Aquilia Acupuncture

Model of Health Outline

Traditional acupuncture has a wide scope of practice and a unique model of health, illness, assessment, treatment and management. Based on these concepts a professional acupuncturist is able to diagnose, provide treatment and manage the root cause of a condition as well as relieve symptoms.

Case History

From a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) perspective taking a detailed and specialised acupuncture case history, using pulse and tongue examination helps determine your presentation and the type of acupuncture treatment you require. This process is an integral component in the assessment, treatment, and management of the patient and is an ongoing process related to outcome.

During your first consultation, the acupuncturist will gain a thorough understanding of your condition, general health, and lifestyle. Based on all the information received the acupuncturist provides a Chinese medical diagnosis and puts together your treatment plan and starts the treatment process.