Expert Acupuncture Services: Letchworth, Hitchen, Baldock

Lianne Aquilina is the provider of expert and advanced acupuncture services in North Hertfordshire. Acupuncture services are provided to communities in Letchworth, Hitchen, Baldock or surrounding local villages. This specialty acupuncture service in Letchworth, Hitchen, Baldock is only provided for people suffering from subfertility that are either trying to conceive naturally or who will be undergoing assisted reproductive treatment such as IVF/ICSI or IUI. Please visit the British Acupuncture Council to locate a different acupuncturist if you would like acupuncture for non-fertility related conditions in this area.


Lianne graduated with a first class honors degree in acupuncture, she has over 14 years of experience in the provision of acupuncture, she also taught acupuncture clinical practice at degree level at the University of Lincoln for eight years. Lianne Aquilina is the coauthor of the international best-selling textbook Acupuncture for IVF and is in high demand nationally and internationally as a guest lecturer on the topic of acupuncture for subfertility.
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Lianne Aquilina and Irina Szmelskyji's textbook is the most comprehensive educational reference on the topic of acupuncture for IVF. Chapter one provides a subfertility overview including the prevalence and causes of infertility from a medical perspective and detailed acupuncture perspective which includes expert diagnosis and acupuncture-related types of clinical presentations. For example, according to a professional acupuncturist, a subfertility patient diagnosed with Liver Qi Stagnation may experience a few or more specific symptoms such as moodiness, irritability, depression, irregular menstrual cycles, painful periods, premenstrual breast tenderness. On examination, the patient may be found to have a pulse quality that is wiry. This condition may be associated with subfertility and impact upon assisted reproduction outcomes. Including ovarian response, lower fertilisation rate, preclinical or early pregnancy loss. In acupuncture practice, there are at least fifteen different fertility conditions that are implicated in subfertility and IVF/ICSI failure. If you are interested in utilising acupuncture, it is important that you are managed expertly. To review the textbook Acupuncture for IVF click here. At Aquilia Acupuncture we advocate preconception care in preparation for assisted reproduction.

Medical data indicates that conditions such as tubal pathology, ovulatory disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), thyroid disease, endometriosis may modify and impact assisted reproductive treatment outcomes negatively. Male factor subfertility and unexplained subfertility are, however, the most common reasons people utilise assisted reproduction in the UK.

Lianne provides expert acupuncture for patients who are undergoing IVF/ICSI for the first time usually through recommendation or patient research or for those who have initially experienced IVF/ICSI failure and now want to try acupuncture to help them. Lianne also manages subfertile patients that have a more complex fertility medical history.

Lianne provides aftercare on news of clinical pregnancy, acupuncture is provided up to 8-12 weeks maximum for IVF/ICSI patients. Case management depends on an individual's case history.


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First Acupuncture Appointment

First Acupuncture Appointment Letchworth, Baldock, Hitchen:

For a baseline please have to hand (where and if possible) your medical test and investigational results. These should include:

Ovulation assessments such as progesterone and prolactin;
Ovarian reserve FSH E2 LH indication;
AMH test and an AFC (via transvaginal ultrasound);
Male tests and investigative results (if applicable).

If you have had hysterosalpingography, a Hy-Co-Sy, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy please provide the outcome of the investigation. Depending on your case history and medical establishment protocols other tests or investigations may have been already organised for you. For example thrombophilia screening or genetic screening. We would require a copy of these too.

Acupuncture management is provided by acupuncturist Lianne Aquilina.

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