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Lianne Aquilina MSc BSc Hons Dip AyvT MBAcC
Award Winning Acupuncturist
Clinical Director Aquilia
Healthcare Researcher
Visiting Guest Lecturer: Acupuncture
MSc Research Supervisor

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Aquilia Acupuncture in Stamford Lincolnshire was established in 2005 within the Clinical Director’s hometown and provides advanced acupuncture treatment management by Lianne Aquilina MSc BSc Hons.

Lianne taught acupuncture general practice at the University of Lincoln for 8 years, gained an additional qualification in advanced acupuncture in China, and is the coauthor of an international best selling acupuncture textbook. She is a visiting guest lecturer and MSc acupuncture research supervisor.

Lianne is dedicated to improving health outcomes with integrated high-quality care plans and expert clinical practice for her patients.

Lianne practices acupuncture in Stamford Lincolnshire, covering Peterborough, and surrounding villages. Lianne Aquilina also practices acupuncture in North Hertfordshire, covering Letchworth, Hitchen, Baldock, and surrounding villages.

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Acupuncture Publication

Lianne Aquilina is the coauthor of No.1 Best Selling Textbook

‘Acupuncture for IVF and Assisted Reproduction:
An Integrated Approach to Treatment Management'

The textbook Acupuncture for IVF and Assisted Reproduction: An Integrated Approach To Treatment and Management (ISBN: 978-0702050107).

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My wife and I found Lianne after two and a half years of failing to conceive and two failed NHS IVF attempts. We had one remaining NHS IVF attempt and wanted to make sure we gave it the best possible chance of success. From people, we had met and many online forums and articles we were aware that many people felt acupuncture was highly beneficial in assisting with infertility and in particular IVF so we booked a consultation. I wasn't sure what I expected from acupuncture but I was interested to find out more.
At this point in time, our infertility had placed a huge strain on our relationship. We were both feeling down and were struggling to be positive about the future. We also felt very alone. People don't really talk much about infertility and it can be quite an isolating experience. Help is available from the NHS and IVF clinics but we found it impersonal and matter of fact. I had lost hope that we would ever have a family.
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